White Christmas or warm Christmas? Winter has officially begun, but it doesn’t seem like it


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We reached winter solsticethe date they celebrate the longest night of the year and the one who gives the beginning of astronomical winter. That weather actually it started more than 20 days ago the first of decemberbut many hoped that at least sChristmas is coming one would breathe air more typical of that typical winter holidays but it is not so.

In fact from during the week extensive and energetic high pressure field affects Italy and a large part of Western Europe, brings Nice weatherstable, mostly dry it’s sunny.

The weather in the next hours

Today from slight variability will bring some cloud cover more consistent with companions new snowfall along the Alps AND light rain possible in the central-southern regions of the Tyrrhenian Sea and on the two largest islands. They will anyway not particularly intense phenomena and which will soon give way to good weather in these areas as well.

In Italy in the next few days we will continue to have time after all similar to the past few dayswith mostly clear skies with just a few sporadic cloud here and there, mostly stratified type and therefore too thin and delicate to carry remarkable precipitation United. They can only occur in isolation weak and temporary phenomena more likely to Tyrrhenian sectors peninsula.

PUSH oddities of this period it is not only about this permanent stability, connected rather with summer season compared to winter, but also and above all it concerns temperature That they have remained consistently above normal for more than a weeklocal almost 10 degrees above what is typical for this time of year.

Temperatures are constantly too high

We can also see it from animated map present in this article developed based on European ECMWF model: temperatures will reach in the next few days tops around 20 degrees in the south, such as in Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia, but also in the rest of the country’s territory will remain too highwith mostly maximum values above 10 degrees even in mountain and foothill areas.

Christmas temperatures
Maximum temperatures expected on Christmas Day.

Just on the main peaks of the Alps and the central Apennines we will be able to have temperatures below zero at least during the coldest hours of the day.

For the day Christmas these values ​​will go moderate slightly and at the same time there are a few degrees left above the climatological average the last 30 years.

As regards wind conditions instead this condition stability decided will also accompany us for early next week.

The weather trend sees a possible slight deterioration only in the second half of next week.


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