With increasingly longer journeys in space in mind, we are looking for the perfect recipe for astronaut meals


You’ve found the recipe for the perfect meal to eat in space.
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Astronauts are passing by now long periods in spacein orbit in various space stations. At this time permanence record in a single mission is fromAmerican astronaut of Salvadoran origin Francisco “Frank” Rubio that he spent over a year aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to be precise in space 370 days, 21 hours and 22 minutes.

Between 50 people of all the nationalities that have spent the most time in space, ours is also ours Luca Parmitano with stay just over a year in space, but in his case by adding times z two different missions.

Space missions take years

There is one thing though stop in orbit around our planet where possible send supplies and food periodically, there are others space exploration missionsin which astronauts make gods real trips where is instead parcels cannot be sent with food and therefore it becomes essential to find a way to produce it autonomously directly in space.

For this reason a international research group she recently posted a recipe for optimal space food. The study was published on Acs Food Science & Technologyimportant company magazineAmerican Chemical Society.

According to researchers ideal food being consumed in space is one rich vegetarian salad composed Fresh raw materialswhich can be grown in space and which respond to specific needs specific nutritional needs male astronauts.

In general all human beingsmen and women they use up more calories in space compared to Earth and they also need some extra essential micronutrients stay healthy even in longer conditions microgravityAs football.

However, spaceships and space colonies will not enjoy it infinite spaces and resourcesso it is necessary that all the crops be sustainable and circular.

The eye also wants its part

However, we must not overlookthe psychological aspect of foodespecially when the astronauts will have to travel long periodsalso for flighteat the same food every day.

Therefore, in addition to being nutritious, it must be tastybeautiful and they have certain consistency.

To find the ideal food, researchers used linear programming methoduse Model which analyzed different food combination acquiring the ability to satisfy daily nutritional needsof course also taking into account which combination needed minimum amount of waterOf shortened growth times as few inedible scraps and at most recyclable.

Finally, the gods ten dishes offered The more complete and cheaper was vegetarian food composed of soybeans, poppy seeds, barley, cabbage, peanuts, sweet potatoes and sunflower seeds.

In reality, however, even this combination did not arise 100% complete So I missing micronutrients could be provided to astronauts through accessories.

Soon this by the same method search will be used to find optimal food for consumption in space even in astronauts. At the moment thoughspace salad was made to taste four meters on earth it they appreciated it in terms of taste and consistency.


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